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It’s all gone quiet


So been nearly 3 months since the last update & unfortunately not a lot to update on.

Things HAVE gone quiet as we’ve all been taking time out from everything due to either personal commitments & unfortunate & unforeseen circumstances (sadly I will not go into details here about), but things will be looking up soon.

After giving myself time off from the project to take pressure off myself, I will be returning to the studio sometime next week to return work on the “Brand New” song to fix the drums on this song, after that I hope to meet up with Chris sometime this month to finish off the vocals.

We plan to have this song completed by the summer hopefully which we will give an update on at a later date.

Also I have started going back to work on a track I started last year where I mentioned in an earlier update sounded like Led Zeppelin this will be the follow up to Brand New. 

The website unfortunately has been put on hold as the company we were using has been bought out so we will sit that out until the new company put’s it back online (which I have been assured will be soon)

And finally a little bit of good news not massive but definately interesting, we have been working on a brand new ‘Mixed Emotions’ logo which I hope will coincide with the new song Brand New.

I’m definately looking forward to unveiling this new logo which will replace the ‘Gecko’ logo currently being used.

I’m sorry not a lot to report but hopefully next time something more official & exciting will be announced.



Happy 2014!

Happy New Year to you all!

Have been taking some time off from the studio but now it’s time to go back to work again, so as from Monday I will be working on our forthcoming new song (Brand New) ,& hoping to have this completed late Jan/ early Feb so will keep you all posted.

Laters Sean

A Christmas update

So I thought I would take this opportunity before the Christmas craziness begins & wish everyone a very merry Christmas.

Recently I have been taking some time off from the studio before we throw ourselves back into the studio to finish off our 2nd new song (brand new).

But even after saying all that I have been working on some new ideas on the side which may or may not get finished or see the light of day, 1 of them being an electronic dance song the other a jazz/blues track so some very different ideas being thought up but only time will tell what may happen to these ideas eventually.

Again hoping to have brand new completed by late January just before my season of going to see gigs begins in March.

So keep checking back & hope you all have a great Christmas.

First new song & update!

Seasons Are Changing is now officially been uploaded to soundcloud so please check it out & give us your feedback, it would be most appreciated.

The next song to be done is a track called “Brand New” which has been a collaboration with myself & Chris.

The song is nearly complete with just drums & vocals to fix up, & the usual suspects to tackle (mixing & mastering) we feel this is going to be an stepping stone for us as it feels like a very strong track, with more upbeat songs to follow shortly after this.

So stick by us also I can confirm their will a collaboration to follow soon involving myself, Andy, Chris & Alan some time in the new year which I’m very looking forward to be involved in as this will be a first ‘Band’ effort for us all.

So enjoy Seasons Are Changing as more great things are to follow from us in the new year.



The seasons are changing!

So after 1 long hard year of working & recording, finally seasons are changing is finally very nearly finished just making some minor tweaks & some final checks & I’m pleased to inform you it will be ready for upload onto my soundcloud page within the next week or 2.

It’s been a tremendous effort to get finished but I’m as happy as I can be with it & looking forward to the feedback.

On another note I’m still working on the website & hope to have this up & running sometime in the new year.

So please keep checking back for more updates very soon.
Laters Sean

A ‘Brand New’ track

Me & Chris have been working tirelessly on a song called brand new it is 95% complete after vocals were recorded last night, with only vocals & drums left to “fix up”.

We hope to have this song finished by the new year somewhere in early January 2014.

Seasons Are Changing is also nearly completed all vocals have been recorded the verses are complete with the final chorus edits being finished I’m still sticking to my November deadline to have this finished.

So exciting times are just about happening & around the corner.

Wish us all luck

Seasons coming soon!

  • Hi,

  • Another update & a quick 1.

  • Seasons are changing almost finished recording final vocals on Wednesday after that some intensive work to finish up then will finally be ready!

  • I'm expecting track to be finished & finalised some time in November which will mark the 1 year anniversary since I started working on my 1st ever track.

  • Fingers crossed

  • Laters Sean

Late August 2013 update


Very busy few weeks since the last post here.

So as I mentioned a few weeks ago I have been working with a new guy by the name of Chris, we have a track in the pipeline which is coming along nicely most of the music is about 90% complete after adding bass & also putting together the drums, I haven’t met up with him for about a month now but I’m due to meet up soon & show him what I’ve been working on lyrics I’ve also added too which has a nice chorus melody if I say so myself.

On Monday Andy came up to see me in Leicester (where I’m based)  with another partner in crime, his name is Alan we’ve known him for years & very excited to be working with him & Andy & also hopefully Chris too on this project maybe soon we will have a fully fledge band on the go, Alan is based in South Wales which spreads this project out over 3 locations (South Wales, Leicester & Redditch).

And finally the Seasons Are Changing track isn’t too far off I’m going through the the multiple vocal takes & putting it all together this has recently been the main track I’ve been working on after being sidelined with the track I’ve done with Chris, & also a third track is in the works the first verse is nearly done I’m just working out the rest of the track but from what feedback I’ve had from people so far, where someone even mentioned it sounded very Led Zeppelin which was a surprise to me as I’m not really a Led Zeppelin fan.

So as you can see busy, busy, busy with 3 (& potentionally a 4th track also soon to begin) tracks on the go might be abit longer by the time I send my next post update.



A Long Outdated Update

So been a while since my last update been having a lot of ups & downs in the man cave studio but plenty of interesting things happening.

Me & Andy have got together a couple of times for jams but even though not much happening in those sessions it’s always good to see him & play together.

I have also begun working with another person by the name of Chris & plenty is happening in those sessions a track has started coming together consisting of acoustic guitars & a violin & today have been hard at work with the bass & using my new korg nanopad 2 to put together with the drums, this has been especially difficult to do but I imagine with more practise will see an improvement on them.

As for the track seasons are changing it is on its way vocals have been quite challenging but I’ve recently invested in a new microphone as the USB microphone i had was being awkward & difficult to get working in my studio so instead investing in a analog mic which is now up & running as it should.

In the next few weeks I hope to finally complete vocals & begin the mix down which I’m rather looking forward too, to see it all finally come together


My apologies but the debut mixed emotions track seasons are changing has been delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, but I will be returning to my studio on Monday to continue with the completion of the vocals so will hopefully be looking at April next month for the upload.

On a good note I met up with my good friend Andy for a jam session a couple of days ago & hopefully Andy will be returning to mixed emotions.
With Andy back in the fold his rhythm playing is such an inspiration & we truly I feel play very well together so fingers crossed for Andy’s return.

And finally the website is awaiting publishing but due to the lack of budget at the moment I can’t at this moment pay for publication but at soon as funds are available this will be published.

I am going to try & aim to update every month of the progression of this project.

So wish us luck.
Laters Sean

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