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4 becomes 5


For those that have followed us may have figured out there were 4 current members involved with Mixed Emotions, Sean, Andy, Chris & Alan.

But we’re happy to announce that a 5th member has now become involved with us, & his name is Misa.

Misa is originally also from Redditch but is now living in Derbyshire, east midlands, along side Sean & Chris (who live in Leicester, east midlands now, both west midlands guys originally)

We’ve been looking for a fifth member for a while now to expand on some ideas we’re hoping to bring to the band (yes I guess we could call ourselves that now), Ideas which we’re keeping to ourselves for now but we hope to announce something in the near future.

Our focus recently hasn’t really been on working on new material but which we will continue to do so, but rather working together on covers & building a strong relationship between all 5 of us, which is going to be a stretch regarding the distance there is between most of us due to where we each live.

But as always we will keep you updated along the way, things will go quiet now for a while but hopefully by the next time we have some more news & announcements once we all feel settled with one each other.


Sean, Andy, Chris, Alan & Misa!image












So after much time & effort finally we have another song which has been uploaded to soundcloud called Brand New.

It is a first collaboration (& hopefully of many more) with Chris, we are all really happy with it, so please have listen at the bottom & give us your feedback.

As anyone who has followed us will know there’s been many mentions of new a new logo, as a matter of fact there are 2 there’s the main name one & a shorthanded one



Of course please give us your feedback & let us know which you like the best.

The next step regarding the logo will be to integrate the 2 into a banner but more on that at a later date.

And finally the new Mixed Emotions website is now LIVE!

Here you will find all updates & news feeds, new uploads of songs & pictures on the website the address is:

Many thanks to Alan & Andy for their help & advise on the website we hope to update it some more some time in the future, but right now please go to the website & check it out for yourself.

What next?, well we will be starting work on new song some time next month hopefully, but until then we’ll be taking a short break.

Hope you enjoy all the new content but until next time…..


Mixed Emotions

June update


So here I am with another update.

So what have we been up to since April?

Quite abit actually things have been moving much quicker recently, I have met up with Andy & Chris for jams & other discussions to which I won’t let on just yet.

Brand New is now very near completion all editing is now complete & now in the final stages of the mix down & I can at least announce that this WILL be ready by end of June at the latest.

We’re very excited to upload this song as it’s been a favourite of ours for some time & can’t wait to unveil it.

The logo is also finished which will be shown on the day Brand New is uploaded, everyone seems very happy with it so we’re going to run with it.

And finally the website is almost ready some changes are going to be needed before it goes live but other than that we are hoping to have this up & coinciding with the logo & the Brand New song.

So please check back end of June for the unveiling of new material for Mixed Emotions.



End of April update


So after the last update with nothing to report, different story here.

Have been very busy back in the man cave with finishing off our next new song called Brand New, really excited about unveiling this new song as it’s becoming very quickly my favourite song which in my opinion has the best lyrics I feel i have written along side with Chris ever.

Also been working on the side on our new logo which is looking pretty slick just few more details to touch up, both of these will be unveiled together very very soon.

A couple of weeks ago I headed down to Cardiff to see a gig & catch up with Alan, had a awesome night with him, & hopefully; he’ll soon be collaborating on 2 or 3 songs with us which will mark his first time working with us on new material, I have also had talks with him on a subject that for the time being I’m keeping close to my chest but hope to announce in a couple of months.

and finally a decision was made on the website we will no longer be using onesheet, as i feel the changeover is taking too long then i had hoped, so we will now be using a company called yola (thanks Alan!) me & Alan have been working on this website & can announce that within a month  this will officially be published & online & may coincide with the new logo & song too.

So stay posted for some new exciting things.

Laters Sean

A screen shot of the Brand New song

& Proof I am working hard to finish it.


First new song & update!

Seasons Are Changing is now officially been uploaded to soundcloud so please check it out & give us your feedback, it would be most appreciated.

The next song to be done is a track called “Brand New” which has been a collaboration with myself & Chris.

The song is nearly complete with just drums & vocals to fix up, & the usual suspects to tackle (mixing & mastering) we feel this is going to be an stepping stone for us as it feels like a very strong track, with more upbeat songs to follow shortly after this.

So stick by us also I can confirm their will a collaboration to follow soon involving myself, Andy, Chris & Alan some time in the new year which I’m very looking forward to be involved in as this will be a first ‘Band’ effort for us all.

So enjoy Seasons Are Changing as more great things are to follow from us in the new year.



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